Starting Yoga

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People have diverse reasons for what originally brought them to yoga. For some it’s to bring balance in a high-stress lifestyle, a recommendation from a physician/health practitioner, for others, it’s used as cross-training tool during their athletic pursuits. In order to help you choose whether yoga is something you would like to pursue, Caitlin would like to share her start to the ancient Eastern practice:

“My journey with yoga began over 6 years ago when I took my first class while at university. I went with a couple girlfriends for a much needed study break during the stress of midterm exams.Β  We began attending classes once a week and I could hardly wait to learn new poses and see the progress I was making. For the first time since my years of playing competitive sports, I found something that could give meΒ  both a sense of inner peace and an endorphin boost all at the same time. I attempted to continue with my own practice during my studies but felt like I have the foundation to do it at home on my own. And I wasn’t about to give up my tight budget for food to attend studio classes regularly – I was a university student after all!

After many false starts, in 2012, I came back to the mat to get to try and bring some balance back to my hectic life. I had finished school and was working 70-80hrs per week. Starting with high hopes, I struggled in the classes I attended. It was so foreign to shut out the day and quiet a mind that was normally running at a million miles an hour. After taking a full week off to spend Christmas with my boyfriend’s family, I realized that my life was completely out of balance and I was determined to make yoga a priority. I longed for that calming energy that I once felt. I then fit yoga in whenever I could.

The idea of completing my teacher started as a compliment to my clinical Athletic Therapy work. However, during my training program, yoga truly became a path of discovery, patience, and acceptance. I love learning all facets of yoga and hope to share that knowledge with my students.

I’m excited to share my practice with you!”

-Caitlin Campbell, BKin, CAT(C), RYT-200

Caitlin has trained under the Iyengar tradition as the style’s alignment focus, and ability to create strong foundations, deeply resonated with her as an Athletic Therapist. However, her yoga teacher training highlighted benefits of various styles and she has come to appreciate vinyasa/flow styles. To determine which style resonates with you, Align encourages you to read the Yoga page before getting in touch with Caitlin to book your session!