I have worked with Caitlin during my University seasons with the Dinos in Calgary and also now as a professional player Volleyball overseas. She helped me numerous times getting over chronic and acute injuries and helping me return to the court as fast as possible while keeping my long term goals in mind. Her exercises and stretching routines are designed to not only get you back on the court/field but keep you there without having to see her every few days.”
-Graham Vigrass, Professional and Team Canada Volleyball Player

“I started working with Caitlin on my final road to recovery (return to sport), after fracturing my leg downhill skiing.  As a road cyclist, Nordic skier, and distance runner, I hoped my injury wouldn’t limit my ability to train and perform in these demanding sports.  Caitlin not only helped me return to these activities, she helped me return to them with a stronger, more flexible and “aware” body.  Her assessments and exercise based therapy, including specific strength training/stretching exercises and yoga, were the perfect combination I needed to put me on the right track for sustained longevity doing the endurance sports I love (and I will continue checking in as needed to keep that momentum going!).”
– Dr. Shannon Budiselic, Certified Animal Rehabilitation Veterinarian

“I’ve been working with Caitlin for almost one year now and she has helped me make tremendous strides in improving my posture.  Improving my posture has been helping me in my everyday activities as well as in my preparation for my second marathon in May.  I like how she mixes the Athletic Therapy world with her skill from being a yoga teacher and provides tons of encouragement along the way.”
– Tammy B., Television Production